All-American Greeting Sets A Good Example

This is for those of you not from these parts. But hey, it applies to you as well. And it’s something you really ought to feel proud of. You can tell the others that in reality, this is how it really is. These folks only really see it in the movies or on their favorite TV shows, all American, of course. But every once in a while, in a typical setting, it could be out on the sidewalk somewhere or it could be a door to door experience, there’s that familiar saying. The purveyor of the goods and services, and sometimes even the bad news, just wishes his beneficiary;

whimsical greeting cards

You have a nice day now. And isn’t that much true of the shows you watch every night. With some remarkable exceptions, those TV reels are a mirror image of your daily lives or at least a microcosm thereof. So, do tell the folks out there that it is for real. And if it’s really necessary, during those times when you’re not going to be dealing with anyone face to face, at least for a long while, and the message really needs to get out, you can always send out a few whimsical greeting cards for the time being.

But hopefully, you’ll still be getting in touch real soon, as in face to face and eye to eye. Say it like you would normally say it. You have a nice day now. Of course, if that’s not your usual way, then have those words you would normally use plucked onto your greeting cards like a flowery red lipstick kiss. And that’s nice. Funny thing that, it’s not unfamiliar to anyone in the world today, especially the boys. It’s like your old aunty Mae planting her puckers on your hot red cheeks.