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Cheap and Easy Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets can be incredibly hard to work with because there aren’t too many rules regarding what goes into them. Different people get different gift baskets of different sizes, and that’s about the only rule everyone agrees on. But what if you need to make a gift basket for someone, where do you even start?

First, think about the person you are giving it too, and include a few generic items along with a few personal ones that that person might enjoy. For the generic items, buy a few items in sets and then take some for you and some for the basket. Maybe a girlfriend of yours would like some makeup, and rather than buying the items individually, just buy a larger set and put everything together.

hand-designed assorted gift baskets astoria ny

This trick also works for party favors too, so buy a bunch of toys or favors and then divide and conquer to create the perfect baskets! It’ll save time, money, and possibility make the filling of the baskets that much more fun and enjoyable.

Go down to the local dollar store or thrift shop to find other little goodies for the recipients that won’t break the bank. Another unique idea for those with a bit of a baking side is to include prepackaged mixes of hot cocoa, muffins, cookies, or cakes in jars or bags with the instructions placed on the side. Then the goodies can be baked whenever the recipient wants.

Giving a basket is normally a large time and energy commitment, and the person who receives the hand-designed assorted gift baskets astoria ny will certainly appreciate you for it. Gift baskets don’t have to break the bank, and the important thing is that they are filled with gifts that people will use and enjoy.

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